Jul 25

STEM and STEAM Resources

iTunes U Course

Best Practices: Science, STEM and STEAM

STEAM: Innovation and Integration

STEM and U

Full STEAM Ahead: Introducing Sphero

The T and E in STEM

Create a Toy Challenge

Implementing STEM: A Minnesota Model

Project Lead the Way

Dec 01

iBooks Author Resources

Apple Widgets

Resource for more iBooks Author Widgets

 iBooks Author Starter Kit


More iBooks on iBooks Author

iTunes U Course on iBooks Author

Examples of Students Using iBooks Author

E O Wilson – Life on Earth – Book Example

Jun 30

Adding Fonts to an iPad

I saw a quick article that described how to add fonts to an iPad. It requires an app but it does solve a problem that many folks run into as they work in an iOS environment.

Fonts on an iPad

May 25

Innovative Classroom Activities in Multi-Touch Book Format

Here is a collection of multi-touch books created by Apple Distinguished educators highlighting activities and strategies for classroom use. Explore their creative ideas in this unique delivery method. The One Best Thing collection can be found in the iBook Store.

May 25

Creating Content with iBooks Author

A list of ideas, instructions, and resources for creating content with iBooks Author from Apple. Check out the page at the iBooks Author Guide page.

Apr 27

MultiTouch ebooks from Apple Recognized Schools

MultiTouch books provide an interactive experience with multimedia content. These books in the iBook store were created by Apple Recognized Schools using iBooks Author. You can explore the books and become acquainted with how these schools have succeeded with their programs using iPads, Macs, and other technology. The link should take you to the iBook Store and allow the free download of the ebooks.

Apple Recognized Schools eBooks.

Dec 19

iOS 7 Online User Manual

It was pointed out to me that the iOS user manual that used to be in the bookmark list in Safari on an iOS device was gone in iOS 7. The guide is still out there, it just isn’t in the bookmark list. So, here it is. You can go ahead and bookmark it on your own.

iOS 7 User Guide


Nov 25

iPad Troubleshooting Info

Here are some links to resources for troubleshooting an iPad or other iOS device.

iPad: Basic troubleshooting

iOS: Unable to update or restore

iOS: Not responding or does not turn on

iOS: Understanding multitasking

The iPad Troubleshooting Guide






Oct 30

Virtual Field Trips in iTunes U

Apple has added a virtual field trip section to iTunes U. These include museums, national parks, and other historic sites. Check out the opportunities at iTunes U Field Trips.

Oct 30

Education Section in iBooks

The iBookstore now has a section dedicated to education related books. You can check out the ebooks for teachers and students at iBooks Education.

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